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Bad umpiring again in IND VS AUS BGT, Umpire Nitin Menon trolled during third test match

The third Test match is going on between India and Australia in Indore and the ruckus
has started regarding the wicket, but in the meantime the finger has been raised on the
umpire and there is no one else on them. When he came under the scanner for poor
umpiring in the UK series, then let us tell you what decisions were made by Nitin this
time, after which Naman is being ridiculed on social media.

Is? Sometimes we do not get work out and sometimes not out is given. In the first
session of the third Test between India and Australia, there was controversy over Hum
Pareek because of bad decisions three to four times. all three of them he declared
Rohit Sharma not out twice. While the daughter-in-law was He then gave out LBW to
Ravindra Jadeja, while Odius survived. Ashwin’s wicket right there. It ended with
controversy. i toh rohit sharma bat hd on the first ball of india’s first innings Caught
behind by Alex Carey, Australia made a strong appeal that later transpired that they
could not comment on their captain Steve Smith taking VRS. Rohit Sharma’s pads
caught fire on the fourth ball of the same over.

I agreed to talk about a strong appeal. But right now I declared out at the bottom. Now
after raising the crossed finger, Ravindra Jadeja took it immediately. But here also Nitin
madam’s decision proved wrong but she had spoken to Carrie, but I had already given
her not out. Then after that it came to know that Ashwin’s ad was put on. was now! In
this way the decisions of Nitin Mehnat proved wrong. After this, he started being trolled
on social media. Please tell that something similar happened with Virat Kohli in the
Delhi Test. Although at that time the final decision was taken by the third umpire but
Nitin Maine did not judge him.

This is not the first time. When questions are raised on Nitin Madam’s tradition. Even
before this, Nitin, we have come under the scanner for bad water many times. But
whenever I took such decisions, then not everyone was there. wants to know about
them that’s when and how he started his career of umpiring, so let’s tell you who he is
after all? Umpire Mithun Main who started going viral during the third test match but
was a cricketer before he died. He has participated in two matches.

After this he started doing heavy in cricket like his father. Nitin’s head used to be
Narendra Modi Ambani, but he was born in Madhya Pradesh and he started playing
domestic cricket with that team. 48-year-old Menon scored only 7 runs in his cricket
career, tell that you did not start umpiring in international matches in the year 2017. On
26 January 2017, he made his debut in umpiring in a T20 match. On 15 March 2017, he
umpired for the first time in the ODI matches played between Ireland and Afghanistan,
which was played in the year 2019. In 2020, he also joined the Elite Panel of ICC
Umpires from India. Team India’s batsmen caught the nose in the first innings of the
Indore Test. Although the umpire was also getting along, but still Rohit is becoming
Virat. Dude could not play any big innings. Now it has to be seen that in how many
days the result of this match comes.

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