New Helmet in Cricket! Surprised people! Know how many types of helmets? What are the helmet rules
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New Helmet in Cricket! Surprised people! Know how many types of helmets? What are the helmet rules?

A picture is very viral on social media. The picture is very crazy in the cricketing world
and it is being discussed a lot. A lot of things are happening and this picture is the
picture of Ireland’s wicketkeeper in which he is wearing a strange helmet of this type, so
in this video we will tell you. Can you wear this helmet? What type of helmet is this?
How many are there in cricket, how are they.

Right now the treatment is going on. He has won 111 and team India reached the semi finals. There is a photo of him that does not have much app. Only in the front is this
seat made of big thick fibre. and wearing glasses inside Due to which the helmet is
worn and it becomes true that the helmet which is worn by Dinesh Karthik. Further
ahead of the committee, it falls into it. Gets stronger. It is of very good standard.
Wearing helmet has thrilled the cricket world a bit that If you get it, then we will tell you
how helmets change in the era of cricket? Pragati did not wear, but the operator did not
wear. What started making the bouncer what is allowed that one can say,Not of iron.
Just what happened after that and I mentioned a little bit of what happened in the
mouse. What invention was done to see behind the back of the helmet?

Expedin lays behind this given space so that what happened to Phillips may not happen
again and It can’t come on the back side here. That’s why you go editing too. Changed
the round shape in that. The extra piling that I am talking about is given in the helmet
nowadays because the family was engaged in flip use. Coming from the back side and
because of that he had died. What did you do after that? Making Manufacturer
Company of Mussoorie Jaisalmer
Ekadashi way from behind in the helmet. He might have got this new age helmet made
by saying that you just give the above internet is of strong iron and here you can see.
Just changed the design a bit.
Yours Dinesh Karthik helmet which used to be in a lot of discussion.

Such a helmet shop in Madam Net has ushered in a new era. Wearing a helmet while
keeping wicket, the time it was showing, he was batting but Dinesh Karthik who is
sitting, What was not there. What is the subject of discussion, it has a standard and
ICC has set the channel that you are listed in this company. ICC has taken it from that
company and has maintained the standard which it is.
below which standard you admit.

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