Cricket's Unsung Heroes: The Impact of Support Staff
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Cricket’s Unsung Heroes: The Impact of Support Staff

Cricket is a game that is played in almost all countries around the world. And not just millions, but billions of people are its enthusiasts. The reason behind such a large number of cricket fans is the remarkable performance of players on the field. They consistently provide entertaining moments for the fans, and these players often have a significant reputation.

However, behind the success of any individual player or team, there is a lot of hard work put in by many people who are often overlooked. These unsung heroes are none other than the support staff of each team. So, let’s learn more about the unsung heroes of Cricket.

Unsung Heroes of Cricket

Cricket's Unsung Heroes: The Impact of Support Staff

Actually, cricket is a game that people primarily recognize through the players showcased on the field. And most of the credit is rightly given to the players on most occasions, which is quite justified. However, the biggest contributor to the success of any player or cricket team is often the support staff, and they are frequently overlooked by people. This includes everyone from the team coach to a video analyst.

Impact of Support Staff

Let it be known that cricket is a game where you cannot achieve anything solely on your own. To win any match, you need bowlers, batsmen, and fielders. Along with them, the support staff is also crucial in winning a match. Whenever a team wins, the praise from the audience is usually directed towards the players and the captain, which is fair. However, the biggest contributors to that victory are the support staff of the team, who consistently strive to improve the team and the players.

If there is ever praise for the support staff, it usually only goes to the head coach or coaching staff. However, in any team’s support staff, many individuals are involved, and their impact is most significant on the team’s performance. Ultimately, it can be said that the support staff are the backbone of any team.

Let’s take a look at the various support staff members present in a cricket team

Coaching Team/Staff

The primary reason for the success of any cricket team is its coaching team or coaching staff, which consistently works on the improvement of the players. In the current era, almost every team has at least three coaches. Some teams even have four coaches in their coaching staff. Among them, one coach plays the role of the head coach, while the other three work in the areas of batting, bowling, and fielding.

The role of these coaches is to teach all players new techniques and bring improvement in their performances. It has been observed on many occasions that the coaching staff of a team reflects the performance style of the team. This is why big teams often appoint experienced players as coaches.

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The way the coaching staff works to improve the players’ performances, similarly, physiotherapists work to keep the players fit. During the game, players often suffer various types of injuries, and the initial treatment is usually done by a physiotherapist. Physiotherapists are an essential part of any team, not only helping players recover from minor injuries but also advising them on ways to avoid serious injuries.

Strength and Conditioning Coach

In any sport, being completely fit is crucial to stay ahead, and the responsibility for this lies with the Strength and Conditioning Coach in the support staff. Almost every cricket team has its own Strength and Conditioning Coach, whose job is to keep the players fit for all matches. Additionally, they work on strengthening the players themselves, enabling them to perform at their best on the field. The coach’s role is to prepare the players for the international level, essentially working to enhance their fitness levels.


A new member has joined the supporting staff of a cricket team recently, who specializes in massage. Yes, at this time, almost all teams have individuals responsible for providing massages. These individuals perform massages for batsmen and bowlers during matches or after the completion of an inning. Due to the constant, high-intensity activities on the field, players often experience tension in their muscles. As a result, players can quickly prepare for re-entry onto the field with the help of these massages.


In today’s times, it is extremely important for every athlete to be completely fit and internally strong to play any sport. Nutritionists take care of the internal strength, paying special attention to the diet of athletes and advising them on what and how much they should eat.

Video Analysts

In the present time, almost every cricket team has a team of Video Analysts, whose job is to keep records of the performances of players and also maintain records of the performances of opposing players. Essentially, they identify the weaknesses of their team’s players and strategize how to play against them. This is easily understood by watching the match videos, and Video Analysts are the ones responsible for this task. Additionally, Video Analysts identify and extract weaknesses of opposing players, which greatly assists the team in preparation.

In addition to the supporting staff of any cricket team, there are several other individuals in the team, including a Media Manager, Public Relations personnel, Mental Conditioning Cricket Coach, and a Throwdown Specialist. It is through the continuous collaboration of all these individuals that any team can achieve success. Along with this, the ground staff also play an important role in preparing the field for the matches and it is because of them that all the matches are possible.

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