IPL 2023 points table update : Orange cap who’s head?

Jhansi got a resounding victory in the match against Mumbai.  IG Hapur has come in
the CSK team top in constable.  Which means that the team of Mahendra Singh Dhoni
who will stay in Chowpatty will qualify because they have comfortably defeated
Mumbai in the match with 11 balls to spare.  After that, we will introduce you to the
updated list of Orange Cap and Purple Cap, so I have just come to number one in the
total of today’s victories.  He has two wins in three matches.  4 point is on the basis of
net run rate on the base number one internet is very good.  plus two point zero 17.  He
also has only two wins in three matches in afternoon acidity.  His thoughts are point but
net on data less than 1.35 box in two match 2G net run rate plus 700, 19.0.3, 56 number
55 TV in today’s match his also 2G 3G Not ther
e.  But according to the net run rate, tell
the password number which is Punjab, its net run rate is.  Per csgo500 rcb team is one
g and 2 points in two matches – 1.25 68 no.  Net run rate in two matches – 1.4  Talking
about Orange Cap, he is leading the way with 189 runs in three matches so far.  His
name is 158 in an excellent average of 9483 matches, that is, almost 31 years back, his
name is 152.  13 runs back Chopra Punjab’s captain Sukhi Paaji has only two matches
to play i.e. if he scores around 70 in the next match, he would be at number one.  If I
have the most wickets, then I have come at number one in this list.  UC Channel who
took wickets in today’s match and got into a fight.
He bowled brilliantly for eight wickets in three matches and his name has now become
famous.  For eight wickets, Chakraborty has 5 wickets in two matches and number 5
Rashid Khan has 5 wickets in two match

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