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Who is the best fielder in the world?

Best Fielder In The World: In the game of cricket, people often praise batsmen and bowlers because they are always in the spotlight. However, in this sport, the player who plays the most crucial role is the fielder, who is the backbone of any team. Through this article today, we are going to talk about the top 5 fielders in cricket who have earned quite a reputation in the world of cricket as fielders.

Top 5 Best fielder in the World

Jonty Rhodes

Former legendary batsman of the South African cricket team, Jonty Rhodes, is by far the greatest fielder in cricket history, who has led his team to victory several times with his fielding skills. It was after him that people started recognizing the importance of fielders in the world of cricket. Even today, if there is any role model for the best fielder, it’s Jonty Rhodes.

He was a player in whom the opposition didn’t dare think of stealing runs if the ball went into his hands, as his throws were as accurate as arrows of Arjuna, and it seemed as if there was a magnet attached to his hands. In other words, if the ball went to him, catching it was guaranteed. As a fielder, he holds many significant records. He holds the record for the most catches (5) taken in a single ODI match innings. Additionally, his name includes scoring more than 5000 runs and dismissing over 50 batsmen through fielding in ODIs.

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Ravindra Jadeja

After Jonty Rhodes, if any player is considered the greatest fielder, it is the star all-rounder of the Indian cricket team, Ravindra Jadeja, whose accuracy is akin to a bullet fired from a gun. Currently, Jadeja is the number 1 fielder in the world, a fact acknowledged even by the all-time great fielder Jonty Rhodes himself. Jadeja’s aura is such that when he has the ball, the opposing team refrains from taking runs. You can gauge the level of Jadeja’s fielding prowess from the fact that even the coaches of the opposing team say in their dressing room that if Jadeja has the ball, you should think twice before attempting a run. As a fielder, he holds many significant records. So far he has taken a total of 141 catches in international cricket.

AB de Villiers

The third name among the world’s best fielders belongs to the star batsman of the South African cricket team, AB de Villiers, who has gained considerable fame worldwide as a batsman. However, on the other hand, his record as a wicketkeeper and as a fielder is also quite remarkable. In the world of cricket, he ranks first in terms of making bizarre catches. The accuracy of his throws is also quite remarkable. He holds the record for taking the maximum number of catches (11) in a single match. Apart from this, his name also includes scoring more than 5000 runs in ODI and dismissing more than 50 batsmen through fielding.

Ricky Ponting

The next name on this list is former Australian cricket team captain Ricky Ponting, who has earned quite a reputation as a captain and batsman at the global level. People are well acquainted with his records as a captain. However, apart from that, his record as a fielder is also quite strong. In the world of cricket, his hands are referred to as golden hands. This means that the ball is completely safe in his hands, and there is no question of dropping a catch from his hands. He is among those eminent players in the world who have scored over 5000 runs in both Test and ODI formats, and have also sent 50 players to the pavilion in both formats through fielding. In international cricket, he holds the record for taking 364 catches, placing him second in this regard.

Herschelle Gibbs

In this list, at the fifth position, we have former South African cricket team stalwart batsman Herschelle Gibbs, who has earned quite a reputation as a batsman at the global level and has led his team to victory in many matches. However, alongside this, his record as a fielder is quite impressive. The balls that came out of his hands often spelled doom for batsmen. When he had the ball, the opposing team refrained from taking runs. Additionally, his diving catches and quick throws consistently saved runs in a spectacular manner. He has recorded 210 catches and 43 run-outs in 361 matches.

Note: Apart from the players included in our list, many players have proven themselves as fielders at the international level. Our list may differ slightly from lists on other websites. However, all the players included in this list were, are, and will remain legends.

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