IPL 16: Rohit Sharma became the biggest ‘Sixer King’ in IPL

Mumbai  Indians captain Rohit Sharma may have played an inning of 44 runs but could not win his team against Punjab Kings.  Apart from this, Rohit Sharma has also made a big record in his name and with this record he has left behind batsmen like Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni Has become the number one Indian batsman in IPL.  Let us tell you how Rohit Sharma has now become number one and which record he has created. Rohit Sharma’s team Mumbai Indians, famous by his name, even though Punjab Kings could not win, but Sharma ji i.e. Rohit gave amazing hacks.. Rohit has left behind all the big batsmen like Virat Kohli Dhoni and has become the number one Indian batsman in IPL.  Because Rohit will be known by the name of Shiksha, not in 8:00 but because Rohit achieved the feat against Punjab which till now no Indian batsman has been able to do. However, it will take time for Rohit Sharma to become the coach of IPL.  The veterans have spread their legs ahead of the cricket match, but Rohit can come at number two with two wickets.  If we talk about hitting maximum sixes in IPL, then the first name comes in it.  Universal Bosco School Hit 357 sixes in 142 matches.  Rohit Sharma has reached this number, who has hit 250 sixes in 233 matches.  At number four, MS Dhoni has hit 235 sixes in 240 matches, coming on Virat Kohli who has hit 269 sixes in 232 matches.Rohit Sharma may have got his name registered in the teachers’ list, but could not make the team win.  Rohit once again followed the formula of getting out after his set, Rohit had scored the match score, after which Rohit Sharma scored 44 runs and along with Green, captain Rohit also had a partnership of 7 runs.  . After Rohit’s dismissal, GreenSky took the lead but could not win.  Rose is once expected to make Mumbai Indians 30 times champions as the last 2 seasons have been bad for Mumbai Indians.  What a great performance in Mumbai under Rohit’s captaincy and Rohit Sharma is also Mumbai’s most successful captain Rohit Sharma has so far won 81 captaincy matches in 148 matches for Mumbai Indians as captain, while Trishakti faced defeat and tied four matches.  There is no doubt that Rohit Sharma is one of the most successful captains in IPL.Now Rohit has emerged as an Indian batsman teacher in the item. 

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