CSK VS MI : Rohit came on his knees in front of dhoni’s cleverness

In the biggest match of this IPL, Mumbai was dusted off by Sean Hero to give CSK a
stunning victory.  Yes, what is the score of IPL called?  CSK vs MI Mumbai Indians vs
Chennai Super Kings and this time leaving behind this record CSK are comfortably in
this match and Constable has also created quite a stir, so let us tell you who scored
how many runs.  Who was the match, who was the villain and who touched whom? 
Proved to be absolutely correct.  Some Mumbai batsmen could not do in this match. 
Mumbai, batting first, scored only 157 runs in 20 overs.  Captain from Mumbai
side.Tinde rising oil and fond celebrating 8 years in Aakar none could touch the figure
of 50 as there was a lot of brilliant bowling.  So from Ravindra Jadeja 26 runs in 4 overs
and 3 wickets and match in 4 overs Took two wickets.  The great thing was that he took
the wicket of captain Rohit Sharma and prepared Raju.  Which team is not there in the
Mumbai team, just could not do anything special.  Afternoon 6100 by Ajinkya Rahane
Ram with a strike rate of 225. Talk about the big hero of Chennai Super Kings on 30th
March.  Varsha Deshpande will be from the side of this match with excellent bowling. 
Joe took two wickets besides Ajinkya Rahane after that he and in front of Mumbai

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