Australia’s case spoiled by a defeat, Team India ‘played’

Team India defeated Australia by an innings and 132 runs in the Nagpur Test. With this,
Team India has come closer to reaching the final of the World Test Championship.
Team India has now become a strong contender who can play the World Test
Championship final with Australia, but here it has also become a big threat for Australia
because as soon as Australia came to the village, after that the equation changed
completely. In view of which it is now being said that Australia

May be out of the final of the World Test Championship. If you see Australia’s 7.3.1
India’s 16 points 6, 7, Sri Lanka 53 points 3 3 and South Africa 48 points 2 instead of
four in top free, then Sri Lanka is on your point table number one.

.Can reach the finals. For this, he needs India’s help because proud Australia lost the
series here. Sri Lanka will have a chance to play the final match. Explain to you in
support how Australia’s team may be out of the World Championship. 10 years India
will have to win two out of three matches. India just needs to score 62.50 to knock Sri
Lanka out of the race for the final. If India team wins the test then its There will be
68.06 marks. Australia is currently running at number one. Sri Lanka would return as
Australia lost the series 0– 4. That is, if Team India wins two out of three matches, then
the Sri Lankan team will be eliminated, but if Australia gets a clean sweep. Sri Lanka
will come back to such a country in the series. if against new zealand If 20 series are
won then it will be confirmed in the world championship. Australia will be out of the
race in the girl final and India will be the finalist of Sri Lanka. India’s 68 and Sri Lanka’s
61 will be percentage off points. ie that If the Dutch beat Australia in India then the Sri
Lankan team is what it is and will remain in it but what will Sri Lanka do? Only New
Zealand will have to win 2- 0, but if Team India loses two matches and wins one match
from Australia here. Whatever happens, Sri Lanka will be out of the race, so this
equation is made for Australia. Apart from this, ICC also gave a statement on this. He
said that a win in the next three Tests for Australia would help it reach the minimum of
64 points, 19 percentage points.
While his from Agro Will have 61.40% marks. Of course and don’t lose any heat on the
pace, they will have a chance to reach the final ahead of Sri Lanka. And Sri Lanka can
reach 61.111% with its best performance. i.e. overall play India Australia Sri Lanka.
Any two of the three can play the final of the World Championship. Australia is looking
solid now. But if Team India beat by listening 4. Anything could happen if Sri Lanka
beat New Zealand 2- 0 there. We may also get to see the World Test Championship final
between India and Sri Lanka. Let us tell you that last time also reached the final of the
World Championship, but Team India was defeated by New Zealand and now it has to
be seen whether Team India can save history this time or once again the dream gets

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