With whose bat did Rinku Singh hit 5 sixes in 5 balls

In IPL season 16, Rinku Singh hit 5 sixes in 5 balls and won the match for KKR and now hardly anyone will forget this 5 sixes.  But now there is a big revelation on the readers of Rinku Singh because the bat with which Rinku Singh hit 5 sixes was not Rinku Singh’s bat, so let us tell you that after all, Rinku Singh hit 5 sixes in 5 balls. The one who wins after losing is called a juggler.  You must have heard this dialogue in films, but Rinku Singh proved this dialogue to be true.  When KKR last needed money, Rinku Singh scripted history by hitting 5 sixes in 5 balls and won the match for KKR.Apart from this, everyone wants to know that what was there in Rinku’s stomach after all, due to which sixes were hit in back to back, so let us tell you whether it was Rinku’s seat or not, because after the match it has been revealed that  From Rinku Singh hit 5 sixes. It was not only Rinku Singh’s, but when he changed, it was Captain Nitish Rana’s.  Yes, if you want then this thing is true for sixteen years because Nitish Rana himself revealed this thing after the match.  A video of Nitish Rana went viral, in which he told that this bat was his and not Rinku Singh’s. In the video, Gaana is heard saying that this bat was mine and I played the last two matches with this bat.  Even I played T20 Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy with this bat.  But this bat was very good because Rinku liked it.  His balance was very good and wanted to play with Rinku.  But to tell the truth, I didn’t want to give this seat to Rinku, but someone came from above and put this bat down and Rinku went away with this and then everyone saw what happened.Heard it.  Nitish has made a big disclosure about the kind of bat that after all it was not Rinku Singh’s but Nitish Rana’s and Nitish Rana’s bat changed the whole history.  Rinku broke many records with his innings just like you. You must have seen many times how many fours and sixes were hit in the last over.  Whether it is Chatting Twenty World Cup or by doing any panchayat but 5 sixes have been hit in the last ball for the first time.  In IPL, Dhoni scored 30 runs in 20 overs. In IPL in 2015, 23 runs came in 20 overs.  He came for 34 runs in 20 overs in the English T20.  On the other hand, if seen, Rinku Singh scored 20 runs.  Talking about another five sixes in IPL, three batsmen have already hit five sixes. Chris Gayle did this in 2013.  Rahul Tewatia hit 5 sixes in 2020, while Jadeja also hit five sixes in 2021.  Let us tell you that while batting before the title, Gujarat scored 204 runs at the loss of 4 wickets, while KKR scored 207 runs at the loss of 7 wickets.  KKR’s start was not good but bank Had entered into partnership.  KKR won the match.  As well as the last and I were the ones they needed.  Umesh Yadav gave a single on the first ball.  After that Rinku Singh hit 5 sixes and won the match.  After this victory, everyone has become crazy about Rinku Singh.  Everyone is congratulating Rinku Singh on social media. A part from this, he was so emotional that even Chandrakant Pandit could not control his tears.  Everyone showed up on the field after the victory.  But the truth is that the bat with which Rinku Singh hit 5 sixes was not Rinku’s but the captain Nitish Rana’

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