Why was Fastest Bowler Umran Malik out of this list before IPL 2023?

More than 24 hours have passed since the alarm was raised by the BCCI’s central
contract. After this a question is on everyone’s mind. That Imran Malik is the fastest
bowler in the history of India so far why the center is not in contact, after which we
wanted to know from some officers who are in our subject, why you did not include
Umra Ram in this list. He didn’t give any information in a press release from Ja’s side.

Playing at least one ODI match can be difficult for any player. Ram- Ram Malik
Ram- Ram Malik I talked about 11 years of age in my last 1 year. Malik was not allowed
to play three ODIs against you. I could get the contact list but I could not find the age.

Should you have given the contract to Ram, before that you would have given three
matches to Umran. Should be fed like this soon. Haven’t you fed too many audio
messages? Let’s talk Your Mohd Sami Mohd Siraj will have to give you more chances
than that to prepare for 2023 world cup.

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