These 5 rules will increase the excitement, for the first time these rules were implemented in IPL

IPL season 16 is about to begin. The first match will be between Gujarat Titans and
Chennai Super Kings, but there are five such rules in IPL that will surprise you and the
five rules will double the thrill of IPL, then tell you in this report what are the 5 rules of
IPL after all. who are going to create panic this time and IPL will make Indian Premier
League more spectacular. First comes the rule about which everyone wants to know
who finally used this rule. Chokha how the captain will enforce this rule on the players.
How to make your strategies. all these things if the player comes, then let us tell you
that any team can change a player in their playing eleven. If from 3:00 p.m. the player
chooses to go to the bathroom then he has to kick the alien out only i.e. if If you are
playing from 3:00 then you can apply Impact Play Stop. At one time there cannot be
more than 4 foreign players on the field as before. If you field three foreign players, The
liquor will not go. It’s not like that. Can foreign players be allowed under 5 player
division play route? 5 players in each innings they can be taken before Chaubey and
others. For this I have just made a pickle. The umpire will signal by crossing his arms
that an impact leru has been applied. We see the timeout clock ticking down. Buffalo
feed on the drink. Right now I am playing justice, but the umpire will signal. Till then
the player’s place went out of the field. The player will get time in the match. If so why
did you do it? He has done one bowler to another. rest of the impact You have called
the player. Got four more bowling done. With that you can’t call him back in the match.
Those who have gone out, have gone out. Teams will have to declare four impact
players at the time of top or not. You will have to tell when the captain comes, torches
it. On my point, which of these can choose any one. Now you do it. playing what is the
new rule, then after that the playing eleven can also be announced. We see that it is
formed before the toss. It is also told who are the 11, 12, 13, 14 players. some more
captain’s signs

What is? Rules Captain Top will tell the playing XI after that torch ho gaya coins chal
gaya. Batting Bowling What is his father Captain can come for him with two different
team seat. That means you will take 2 seats. batting and bowling Based on the result
of torch will bring their play England 2 seat. After whatever decision is taken on batting
and bowling and torch, you can think whether to give me or take me someone else.
Dear dear has always been considered as the option that changes the course of the
match and now with the new rule that is in place in IPL, the competition is looking more
exciting. Till now we don’t agree on LBW caught out or on ball or on umpire’s decision,
we take DRS, on umpire’s decision, even on umpire’s decision, then you can also come.
We had seen dumper has given about the weather of all and the captain thinks it is
not. So you are also going to be processed on placement. Dead call will be given on
intuition. If there is a difference of mind while playing any game, then there will be fear.
This as well as a penalty to the batting team.

As to whether or not digesters will also be given. If the bowler is batting. The batsmen
are batting whether Rana and during this time any wicketkeeper or else. If the builder
does an unfair moment, then action will be taken against him. dead ball or 25 A part
from this, the last one is very interesting to them that here the tension of the captains of
the fielding team will increase. The fielding captain will be in trouble as slow over rate
is punishable here.
Do not put it on time. You too in 90 minutes. If you are not able to do it in time, then
trouble will arise for you. Till now we see that after the party is over the 30 yards radius
outside the five players circle, but if you will not be able to get 20 overs 90 meters here.
but do that the 9 minutes that is, they have started and you are good and going. So in
the upcoming overs, five players who were out will stay in the circle and four players will
be there to save the boundary. So this is the rule. It is going that the fun of IPL will be
doubled. Now it has to be seen that from these rules

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