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Team India’s Zero will become Hero like every time in IPL

The countdown to IPL 2023 has begun. The first match will be played on Friday. All
eyes will be on GT vs Chennai Super Kings and what follows as the IPL progresses.
The name of the player whose picture you are seeing with me is KL Rahul if I describe in
IPL Amazing Amazing Rahul becomes. But when it comes to international cricket, they
just can’t do anything. Let’s talk first. Let us tell you how the night in the last few years
of IPL mr.ipl or Mr. Consistent. KL Rahul In 2018, Kerala Rahul scored 659 runs. Where
he averaged around 55 and cycled over 158, it was a dream season for KL Rahul. After
that in 2019 he 593 and 7 was almost that of Chauhan, but the strike rate he had fell to
a little over 135. In 2020, he saw the biggest success of his career and scored the most
runs. 670 runs average too big. average reached And fell to 169.34. Let’s go ahead.
Even in 2021, KL Rahul scored 626 runs more than 600 and 7 almost reached 139
points this year as compared to 7 almost last year and hot talk of last season. scored
616 runs Could have done more than 51 but the strike rate dropped a bit and reached
around 135. From Ara to 2022, Rahul scored more than 600 runs in every season,
except for one season. He could not score 600 runs in this season. In that too only 7
runs were lost. That is, in every season of IPL, KL Rahul has had a lot of Rana, But in
spite of that, whatever team he is in, he is not able to make the team champion.
Became the captain of LG last year, was the captain of Punjab for 2 years and before
that did not get captaincy for Punjab. but scored but Some could not do much. Used to
make RCB but could not make the team a champion. It can be said that today in IPL, KL
Rahul who once used to talk about Suresh Raina as Mr. Consistent, scores runs
continuously. now ok lal has become

let’s talk. The Asia Cup he played against in his career in which he scored 132 runs in 5
innings and scored 26. He has a strike rate of Rs. If his strike rate does not go
anywhere, he has played 11 matches in the T20 World Cup. 322 runs have been
scored. The average is a little over 32. Try that when playing in India, Play IPL. They
come to India with a calcium bat, but when they go out of India and play the Asia Cup in
India’s jersey or play the World Cup, what kind of computer they are, they are powerful,
and they imitate them there. players tell their stats On an average the average of 10
has never been less than 51 in the last 5 years. His average drops to 26 in the Asia Cup
in the IPL. There is no 32 players in the World Cup. But when it comes to international
cricket, I think maybe. Sometimes they can’t take the pressure or maybe they can’t push
themselves hard enough and this time Tell me once.
If his demotion has happened in Indian cricket hanging on these locks, he has also
come in such a way. Paisa Captain is not being watched in any format. If they don’t run
then tomorrow can be a holiday. as bad as it was
should be made As Jos Buttler scores runs. He also does not make his team win the

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