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Team India’s worst defeat in 71 years

Australia are yet to seal their place in the WTC final after a stunning 9-wicket win over
Indore to speed India. But now after this defeat, there are many such records which are
coming to the fore and after leaving, Team India’s plans can be very disappointing
because there are such records which will embarrass Team India. You will be surprised
to know that in Johar Indore, Team India is lucky. of Indian cricket 71 years is the most
shameful of 71 years. Not only this, this is the first defeat of Team India on Indian soil
in the last 2 years, so how did Team India get it? The defeat has torn another page out
of the record books, but this time the page is filled with embarrassing records. What is
the big reason for the defeat of Team India, see our After defeat? While defeating India
in India itself, the victory chariot of the Purohitan Company was stopped, while on the
other hand, it also gave India the most shameful defeat in the history of Test cricket in
71 years. In the history of the last 71 years of playing Darshan, Team India achieved in
terms of balls. Team India in the shortest test match in terms of balls being the most
embarrassing defeat Had to face defeat in the Test match played in 1951 building. In
that Test match, England won by 8 wickets in 1459 balls over Team India in Kanpur. But
in the Indore Test, Australia only By losing the match in 1135 balls, he has made
another big embarrassing record. Record number two keyboards at Holkar Stadium
before the third match of its Test series Team India Ltd. in Test cricket at Holkar
Stadium, Indore Prior to this, only two teams had played 10 matches in Team India.

But both these team India got victory. In the first match played from 8 to 11 October
2016, India beat New Zealand by 130 runs. In such a situation, Australia’s team won
over India in the Indore Test. 9 wickets for India Along with the defeat in the Indore Test
for the first time under the captaincy, now under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma also,
Team India has to face defeat in the Test for the first time. Rohit Sharma as captain till
now was the captain of Team India in Test cricket. Before the Indore Test, Rohit
Sharma had captained Team India only in the charts. In the two Test matches played
against Sri Lanka, Rohit Sharma won the series 2- 0.

In its Nagpur and Delhi Test also, Team India was victorious under the captaincy of
Rohit. Let us tell you that if Team India had won over Australia under Rohit’s captaincy
in the Indore Test, then Rohit Sharma.
He would become the first captain in the world to win five consecutive Tests from his
captaincy boxes. Record number 4 India’s Vijay Raj stopped by Australia in Indore Test
In fact India suffered its first defeat in Test cricket in the last 2 years while playing at
home. Before this, Team India lost on home soil. England defeated India by 227 runs in
that Test match played against England in February 2021 in Chennai. By the way, let us
tell you that this is India’s third defeat in the last 10 years while playing at home and
India has won two of these three matches. The defeat has been against the Australian
team only and both of these matches have been played under the captaincy. record
number 5 dream of being number one teller Team India after winning the Indore Test.
In such a situation, they win in the Indore test and 41 times, Team India would have got
the crown of being the number one team in Test cricket as well. But after the defeat in
the Indore Test, Team India.

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