Team India’s ‘biggest’ ODI defeat

In the second ODI, who were the culprits of the humiliating defeat, let’s talk about the
fact that in the same second ODI, there has been such a shameful defeat, which has not
happened in the history of ODIs till date. Only 11 overs ODI one day with 234 balls Day
match which team was made 11 years and defeated you then come on number one.
Shubh Mangal Zero, today he could not make anything, but he was expected to do
something good. Whom will I consider guilty, Hardik Pandya will be able to do
something further. Were able to do something. Virat Kohli Will be made from Hardik
Pandya comes. Whenever some come, they make some, but the beginning had come.
This is what he is doing consistently in ODIs. If you look at the last 10 wickets, then the
fourth one who is guilty, gets out on the first ball. in two consecutive matches they
went. Even after that nothing special could be done and Team India could put only one
second on the board due to the failure of these five batsmen. I would like to add to
Omkareshwar, I will accept the younger Kunika Sunny as Sadhna was taken away.
Prince Because Australia could not take wickets, but you will go home soon here. 11 to
get you home quickly and I lost you. It is of such width. Aussie 5065 is a wonderful
game to blow your mind.

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