Team India will not play in Asian Games 2023

Yes, but you must have heard the saying that if you lose your life, you will not lose your strength.  As a result, this proverb is used for those who are stingy.  But for the world’s richest cricket board BCCI, this proverb can be changed a bit and it can be said that even if the honor goes away, but if the power does not go away, then why are they telling us like this.  The reason behind this is a decision taken by the BCCI.  This decision is such that it breaks the hearts of crores of cricket lovers in the country.  To Team India He can keep getting the honor and respect he gets on the international stage, so why after all why today we are saying one thing about BCCI, let’s go see?  The Supreme Body of World Cricket, BCCI has taken a big decision which will break the hearts of crores of countrymen.  In fact, the BCCI has announced its men and women’s team for the Asian Games 2023 to be held in China’s Song Down this year. They have refused to send both and the great thing is that the BCCI has cited the best cricket schedule of both the manager and women’s teams behind its decision.  That is, at least the Indian cricket team will not be able to win any medal in the game of Asian cricket. First let us tell you that the 2023 Asian Games are to be played in China from 23 September to 28 October.  After a long time, this time cricket has also been included in the Asian Games.  In such a situation, the cricket match is to be played in T-20 format.Although the Asian Games were earlier to be held in 2022, but because of Karo Na Main Hamari, it was postponed by 1 year i.e. to 2023.  It is true that Team India is very busy in 2023 and especially Pushkar ji of the match cricket team. During the Asian Games, the key players of the cricket team will be busy with the ODI World Cup to be held from October 5.  While Team India has to play the Asia Cup in the month of September itself, but another fact is that the BCCI has refused to send its team for the Asian Games on many occasions even before this.Cricket was included in the Asian Games played in 2010 and 2014, but even then the BCCI did not send its men’s and women’s team during both the games.  Cricket was dropped from the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games.  But here we go Asian Games cricket is back.  The decision of the BCCI to not send the Indian cricket team to the Asian Games has come at a time when the exercise to include cricket in the Olympics is going on.Bhupendra Singh Bajwa, the Indian Word Mission at the Asian Games, has said that except cricket, entries for all sports have been sent for the Games.  According to BJP we have entry in all sports except cricket The BCCI has said that the team will be busy.  We both sent three to four emails.  We have to send entries to the organizers that how many players and teams from India will participate, but the BCCI has said that they will not go. It is noteworthy that the Indian Olympic Association has to look after the responsibility of contacting the concerned sports association for sending players and teams for big sports events like the Asian Olympics in India.  Now even the officials of the Indian Olympic Association are talking about writing the BCCI in four.  But BCCI has also given its own arguments on this whole matter. According to BCCI, he was informed about this only a day before the deadline.  A BCCI official has said that we received an email from the Indian Olympic Association exactly 1 day before the deadline.  Usually our team will not be available during the already finalized for the cricket team as they will be playing a tournament.  Where you need to go is from organizing and telecasting just one match of Team India to BCCI. Earning of crores of rupees is done.  But even after sending Indian players to Asian Games and winning gold medals, there would hardly be any increase in the board’s earnings.  However, whatever may be the argument of BCCI in the current controversy, the thing to think about is that if BCCI wanted to participate in the Asian Games, it could have definitely given the proposal to send its own team to the Indian Olympic Association according to the T20 format. Even before this, the players of Team India play in two different countries at the same time, but the BCCI did not even think of making such a proposal regarding the Asian Games

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