Surya Kumar Yadav will get the captaincy of Mumbai Indians in IPL 2023

The countdown to Fighting 2023 has begun. The first match is to be played on Friday
and before that a big news is in front and the news is that Rohit Sharma may sit out in
some matches in IPL 2000, 23. Rohit has not got any injury but Keeping in mind the
workload management, Rohit Sharma can take this money. But if they also take
money. She does it now. Kumar Yadav has replaced Suryakumar Yadav as the captain
of Mumbai Indians in the absence of Rohit Sharma.

Can get The news is of public school on Indian Express some time before you. This
news has been updated some time ago by Devendra Pandey, very senior reporter of
Indian Express and it is going on demand that You know that someone’s final is about
to be played between the Indian team. When is this to be played and 2023 World Cup
Rohit Sharma has scored 5 runs to Mumbai Indians and I will be important. India went
on to win one or two ICC Champions Trophies and also won the companion Asia Cup.
that can only happen if you Seeing that Rohit Sharma has taken a big decision in terms
of money. Rohit has made up his mind, but the decision is final on all these things.
Indian cricket means first them items later. Some season new captain can be found.
Then Kumar Yadav for some messages if Rohit Sharma sitting outside.

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