Sanju Samson is the greatest captain in IPL|Dhoni|Virat Kohli

If we talk about great captains in IPL, then definitely m.s.  The names of Dhoni and Rohit Sharma will come up.  But Yuzvendra Chahal who is the veteran spinner of Rajasthan Royal.  He thinks Sanju Samson is the greatest captain of IPL Jitendra Chauhan named Sanju Samson as his favorite IPL captain in 10 minutes of Royal.  Said earlier that Sanju looks exactly like MS Dhoni in Samsung.  UG Chahal, who has played under the captaincy of Dhoni, Virat and Rohit, feels Sanju Kandas a lot like Dhoni.  i.e. very cool  Apart from this, praising Sanju further said that Sanju remains calm just like Dhoni.  While tying the bridge of praise, said that because of Sanju, there has been a lot of growth in his bowling within the last 1 year.  Chauhan said during an interview that. Now if you ask my favorite captain in rifle then it is definitely Sanju Samson because he looks like Mahi bhai to me.  The 10% growth that has happened in my bowling within the last 1 year is because of Sanju Samson.  Sanju gives me freedom just like Mahi bhai.  They say that you can bowl freely all around. MS Dhoni has also been praised during the interview.  The channel said that Bhai used to help a lot during his cricket career by disturbing his and Kuldeep’s career.  Please tell that in the year 2016, the beginning of his career was kept by UC Chan.  And so far all three have played under great captains. Regarding the three captains, Yu Ji said that freedom was given to all of them due to which their bowling improved.  I just said further that I feel I have got that freedom from all the three captains I have played under.  As a bowler who wants a glass whether it is Mahi bhai, Virat bhaiya or Rohit bhai I have got that. Palia.  UC Chan has played cricket for Team India under all the three captains.  Took 9 wickets in six matches under the captaincy of MS Dhoni.  Under the captaincy of Virat Kohli, he took 107 wickets in 72 matches.  While Rohit Sharma took 68 wickets in 45 matches under his captaincy. Yojana played cricket for Team India with all three captains, but has been a part of Mumbai Indians in IPL.  He has played for RCB under the captaincy of Virat Kohli.  Whereas, Sanjeev is playing in the captaincy for Rajasthan. In such a situation, if IPL 16 remains in the race for Purple Cap.  Now it has to be seen that this time what wonders they do with Sundar Chandwaji, but Juhi has made it clear that when it comes to great captains, they have got a captain like Mahi Bhai who is Sanju Samson The news of cricket is given first.  We do not try and do cricket interviews, so you are our YouTube channel.  And if you are connected with Facebook then don’t forget to follow the meaning of cricket!

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