Rishabh Pant made a big announcement beforeIPL 16

The countdown to IPL season 16 has begun. All the teams are doing their practice and
hoping that this book this time same big players are going to play in this tournament
and everyone wants to see their player.
A video of Rishabh Pant has gone viral in which he has said that he is coming to play
who had an accident and this time a video of him playing an IPL match has gone viral in
which he has clearly said that I am ready to play First let us tell you in the video what
Rishabh Pant said and what is this video. Its truth is also told to you. In the video of
Rishabh Pant which has gone viral, he has said that he cannot live without two things.
Cricket and Food Could not play cricket in the last two months. But the doctor said to
eat well for recovery. Then slowly everyone got busy in their practice because the
cricket season was about to start. Then I thought everyone is playing so why shouldn’t
I, it’s like I’m still in the game a lot.

I am coming. If you are thinking that Rishabh Pant is coming on the field of cricket then
it is not so because Rishabh Pant has made this video. This is shot for a camel
company and now through that Rishabh Pant will be seen adding spice to the IPL by
coming that you will not be seen playing on the 22 yard track because he had a horrific
accident. last year but slowlyRecovery mode is on. Although some Ricky Ponting of
Delhi Capitals said that in some matches in the dugout, Rishabh Pant can come and
motivate his team, but after this video, every Rishabh Pant says that he should play
cricket as soon as possible and on the field. It’s a sight. First match of Delhi Capitals
Lucknow Supergiants end up scoring close to three thousand runs in which he has
played 98 matches and his average is 100.6. Most 128 and 115 half-centuries have
come. So now it will be very interesting to see that Rishabh Pant will not play in the
cycle, but how he motivates the team and whether Rishabh Pant will be able to play the
next IPL after his accident or not remains a question.

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