Points table changed, New Zealand beat
England’s Bazball. India | Australia

So let’s talk about the big news of this time, why the news is that New Zealand beat
England by 1 run in a thrilling test match, let us tell you that England needed 258 runs to
win in the end, but the entire England team had 25 Got all out on the run and let us tell
you that New Zealand Entered this thrilling match by defeating England after the followon. The resounding victory and with it the constable who is there has changed. If we
look at the points table now, then New Zealand has two percent. He has grown up and
England’s Australia is there and India is at number two. Guess the number 35. South
Africa at number four There is no change in this whole table, but let’s be sure that the
one change that has happened is that New Zealand has come up a bit and England’s
percentage has come down. An exciting match, a great match.
A strong Mathura that has won

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