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Money rained heavily on 87 players, who bought Harmanpreet Kaur, Smriti Mandhana

Money rained heavily on 87 players, who bought Harmanpreet Kaur, Smriti Mandhana

My girls are less than boys. Would you have heard this dialogue many times, but this
dialogue proved to be true because the role of WPL i.e. was an option and in this 5
punches tried their best to buy women’s cricket scores. Crores of rupees were spent a
good amount of money was imposed on the daughters of India i.e. the land cricketers.
Bidding was done. Crores of rupees were spent and then 5 teams of WPL have been
prepared. The report tells you all the things related to WPL option, who went to which
team, who sold the most.

Which are these five teams? Which team has star power, then first of all let us tell you
that 90 players were to be bid in the option but 87 players were sold in the option,
including 30 foreign players who have become rich. ₹595000000 was spent in the entire
option Smriti Mandhana proved to be the most expensive player in this option. going to
the meeting coronavirus bangalore race delhi capitals bought for rs 3 crore 40 lakh
have 18 players and six foreign players gujarat lions ipl
I have a team which is going to play. Eighteen of the players they have are foreigners.
Mumbai Indians have 17 players out of their budget and six are foreigners. RCB has 18
players at 6:00 pm and UP Board has 16 players, so it is roughly a few points a WPL
option, who sold the most and which team has how many players, but if the teams But
if you look at it, all the teams here are looking strong. If we talk about the police team
of Delhi, then there is no land or Rodrigues was bought for Rs 2,000,000, Shefali Verma
was killed for Rs 2 crore, planning code for Rs 1.5 crore. Alice Kate was bought for Rs
7500000 in one crore 1000000 and the rest of the team is in front of you in which
Shikha Pandey is there. Radha Yadav is, Poonam Yadav is, Neha gives.

Tania Bhatia Delhi Capitals have made their team complete after the option. Now
come Gujarat Lions in his team Baith Muni costliest Rs 2 crore Georgia Rs 7500000
Sneha Rana Rs 7500000, his Sushma Verma Rs 700000 Every day Deol caught very
good catches. Jamun was bought for ₹40 and sold in 1 way.

Talking about the team of Gujarat Mumbai Indians, Natalie Siber has been bought for
Rs 3 crore 2000000. If you see equal then Pooja Vastrakar bought for Rs 19000000
send Harmanpreet Kaur 18000000 she is the captain of India. Apart from this, if you
see hot, then Amelia Carr will get Rs 10000000.The amount has been received. From
Mumbai Indians. Aashika Bhatia has been bought by Mumbai National for Rs 1.5
crore. That is, the team of Mumbai Indians is looking very strong. They have done their
players. They have run out of any budget extras and they still have a shortage of 1
player. 17 players are involved in their deception, so they are showing you the entire
Mumbai Indians team. In this Harmanpreet Kaur 18000000 Talking about RCB, here
Richa Ghosh got another ninety lakh rupees. Ellyse Perry got Rs 7000000 each. 1.5
crore to Renuka Singh followed by 50 lakh 40 lakh 35 lakh 30 lakh 25 lakh, besides 10,
10 lakh players who They were also included in this auction.
Royal Challengers Bangalore have completed their He bought 18000000 Ravita Devi’s
Koi for 14000000. Recently bought Mekla for Rs 1.40 crore. after that if he did Sub
neem one crore off air 75 lakh 70 lakh 40 lakh 30 lakh Lakshmi Yadav 1000000 View
Instagram then sent pie but bought the teams and not the total if seen the whole
auction of WPL here the bulls cried big Spent Smriti Mandhana. Harmanpreet Kaur: If
Vicky is above three crores, then it comes close to one crore 80 lakhs.

Spent on All three were made full 5 Panchayati sat in long option and it will be very
interesting to see their respective teams there that WPL’s option increases the money
fiercely, but how successful WPL is, it is the country and How well daughters have
performed in WPL because we have seen that since 2008 when IPL happened, many
mens cricketers are here to play for the country.

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