Kohli is called ‘King’! Once again became the world’s No.1 batsman! Fastest 25000 Runs

No one in Indian history could do it. Virat Kohli did that. Yes, Virat Kohli is not just like
that but it is called so. The Real Thing of Cricket. Virat Kohli which no Indian batsman
has been able to do so far. Virat Kohli has not shown that he has become number one,
that he has become number one in this matter.

In the case of scoring 25000 international runs, but you will wonder why the number
was closed. 25000 then Sachin Tendulkar scored 25 runs and there is no other
batsman Virat Kohli. Today, as soon as Virat Kohli got his number, he had become.
Virat Kohli has taken support of 549 inches to score 25000 international runs and that
in all over the world. Came on number one. Now it is on the second number. A total of
570 children were made to visit Sachin Tendulkar and he said No. 594 No. 5567 Kumar
Sangakkara who scored 25 runs with 608 runs and went on to make 28 in the last. How
he is not able to score more runs. After making just 44 in the first innings, he was
dismissed for 20 in the second innings.

Virat Kohli has done what no other batsman could do. That is, 25000 international is
difficult in the lowest innings. No other batsman in the world could do it. Who has
done so few innings. more water than this
It is called three. Virat Kohli, the king of cricket, has been crowned yet another king.
25000 runs, how was the string with the least number of innings. Will tell our story on
Virat Kohli.

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