IPL 2023: Virat Kohli IPL 16 Impact Player Rule: KKR player told this rule most dangerous for allrounders

IPL season 16 has seen an array of impact players that some people like and others don’t like.  Brother KKR’s star all-rounder he is absolutely poison says that the book of these 5 players all-rounder is getting less. One of the top all-rounders of Kolkata Knight Riders, Venkatesha Iyer believes that due to the interference rule in the Indian Premier League, the all-rounder’s career is going to be in danger as when does the all-rounder get a chance to bowl when the all-rounder is an ex-player.  It is seen as such.  Come Venkatesh who is back after ankle surgery.  I scored 83 against Gujarat Titans and 4 against Mumbai Indians.  Can’t do it today.  He was fielded by KKR in all the matches as an inter college.  Before the match against Delhi Capitals in Venkateshwar, said that to be honest, it is because of A Millionaire. There has been a huge decline in the numbers of any all-rounder.  Surely if the team has a specialist bowler as the sixth bowler, then they do not want to try their all-rounder.  This is the glory of Intex.  Has reduced the utility of the all-rounder.at the same time, one feels that the rules will remain in place and the team management will continue to plan their strategy keeping these tires in mind.  Venkatesh comes in and he hasn’t bowled in a single match yet, but he IPL teenager has rocked with the bat.  Looking at the performance so far, he has scored 234 runs in five matches.16446.  Let us tell you that after coming on Impact, during three torches, two playing players are brought and three are selected from batting and bowling.  Then later, according to the needs of the team, Impact changes a player to the team using the rules.  if needed Batting is needed.  So Bolo gets his team but for the all-rounder it has become a different problem.  Let me tell you that finally it is this time.  Are the teams allowed to have two playing XIs?  There are two playing eleven for batting and bowling.  Lion can be made

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