IPL-16: Ben Stokes fit before CSK 3 teams are out in IPL 2023, defeat in points table?

Team Team IPL 2023 se kya ho gayi hai bhai tu ki point table kya ho gayi hai these three teams have become so first of all look at the phone saver.  Kolkata Knight Riders, at number eight, suffered a loss against Delhi and have just two wins in six matches.  Has lost four matches.  Kolkata, Knight Riders and Nets are also not very good.  Sunrise Hyderabad is at number 9. They have two wins and three losses in five matches.  the sword above them Hanging, now at number 10.  Delhi Capitals one win in six matches and 5 years i.e. their chances are very high, they are almost on the verge of being eliminated to go to the playoffs and how can they come and be eliminated, but they  You have to give your best for it.  How could he then tell you what is number one at night? They have two wins in six matches, only two and now they have to win six out of eight matches.  Only then will you come to the playoffs in the next round.  At number nine, SRA have two wins in 65 matches and need to win six out of nine matches.  It means that there is a sword hanging over them as well, whereas the second number 10 paper is there in the points table.  Just one win in 6 minutes and if they want to come, they will have to win seven matches out of 8, but it is very difficult to happen.  If you lose anything out of the box, you will win with the message.  Get married out of eight.  I am the first, it has happened before but it will happen every time.  It’s difficult because the team also doesn’t seem to have the same amount of hustle in the team, let’s talk about KKR.  If we talk about Jaffrabad, then we talk about Delhi Capitals.  Talk about the top of the equation you make of anything.Rajasthan Voice is doing very well.  Gujarat Title is doing very well.  Going up from Lucknow.  Chennai VS RCB is in the race.  In such a situation, according to me, it is very difficult for these teams to go to the playoffs.  Right now there is two or three percent charge.  If he does, then a miracle will happen, otherwise he will get ready and go to sleep

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