ICC RANKING: Team India suffered loss

Whenever ICC rankings come, the first thought that comes to mind is who is number
one. Which team reached number one. Which bowler has reached the number 1 spot
and which bowler is sitting on the number one seat. But here now when the latest ICC
rankings came, two players reached number one while India suffered a loss after losing
the third test match. First of all, you tell something that after all, who are the two
players who are sitting on the number one chair because there is no number two
position in the ICC rankings, see the ICC bowling rankings. First bowling ranking where
Wanindu Hasaranga Mohammed Siraj at number one with 1955 in ODIs with 9 points
and bowled in the third Test with Ravichandran Ashwin at number one. 8% while James
Anderson also leads the way with 19 from England. It is rarely seen when Two players
are sitting for the same audition and this is the information given on the website of ICC
itself. Apart from this, calling will be seen. In Test cricket, a shirt number comes after
James Anderson. Then sometimes Rabada’s comes the same Will see you at number
five. Time occurred while the smaller number is or is not. On reaching together
Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin and James Anderson both are on number one
audition and ICC itself also tweeted and informed about this and Punishment 48
Number one all enjoy number train and have come in top ten has been batting in place
so that he has the advantage that Recently completed 300 wickets. Now, after moving
forward, let us tell you what the batting average of Buffalo says, in the middle,
Suryakumar Yadav is number one at this time. Babar Azam in Audio with 906 points
and Manas Lebu in Test who is currently playing Border Gavaskar Trophy in India.
Talking about the border, Shakib Al Hasan Even among all-rounders of 22.4, Shakib Al
Hasan’s name comes at the top. 407 points As we told you recently the third ODI
between England and Bangladesh ended. In that, Shakib Al Hasan became the first
Bangladesh player to complete 300 wickets in his ODI career. Ravindra Jadeja The
number one all-rounder in Tests with 445. What a loss to Team India. Let us tell you
this. Team India is currently running at number one in the rankings. England team
comes after this with 267 in T20. 266 Pakistan to create South Africa If you talk about
2252 dolls, then you will see in the ranking of Oriya, then the Indian team with 114
points. Number one will be followed by Australia, New Zealand, England and Pakistan
Test Match, Third Test Match, Fourth Test Match India. Team India can do the feat of
becoming number one at number 131.

Australia With 126 points, the first number 12 City is at number two with 15 points,
England at number three, South Africa at number four and at number five. But there is a
very interesting pitfall here. Now after 1 day, Ashwin can become back.

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