Flop Prithvi Shaw’s poor performance in IPL-16 was mocked in London as well

The poor form of Delhi Capitals opener Prithvi Shaw at 516 seems to be weighing heavily on his own team.  A player who has not been able to score even a single half century.  However, the main reason for the poor performance of the team is being blamed on this and now the talk of Prithvi Shaw’s people has reached England.  A warning has been issued to Prithvi Shaw from England.  Where it has been said that brother, do something now, otherwise your career will probably end, then how Prithvi Shaw’s flop is making headlines in Show of England and warnings continue for him from England as well.  .  Delhi Capitals, China’s opening batsman Prithvi Shaw, who has been under constant attack due to his poor form in the IPL, has now reached England. Alam is that ever on the game of Prithvi Shaw, the biggest match of Delhi Capitals.  Now comments are being made from London also.  PHILOSOPHY Former England captain Michael Vaughan has said that Prithvi Shaw is currently playing in the IPL only on the basis of his past performances, but that will not be the case any time soon. That is, if it continues like this, it is almost certain that Prithvi will be out of the team.  Regarding the poor form of Prithvi Shaw, Michael Vaughan has said that even though Prithvi Shaw is a talented player, he cannot always play on the strength of his image.Why didn’t his feet go anywhere?  He was waiting for the short ball, but it had gone ahead and he was not even around the line.  I think the earth needs a run.  He can’t just walk on his reputation.  You cannot go on talking about what you have done in the past.You have to score runs there. Prior to this, Virender Sehwag, who was the former captain of the Delhi team, also raised questions on Prithvi’s game.  On the other hand, after the victory in the last match, there were reports that Delhi team coach Ricky Ponting and captain David Warner are also not happy with Prithvi’s game. Prithvi Shaw’s best so far from IPL and just 15 runs.  While in the six innings played in a row, he has been dismissed even after hearing twice.  Prithvi Gold in 6 matches played in IPL Season 6 so far Scored only 47 runs at an average of 7.83.  Apart from pace according to the microphone, Singh also struggles in front of him and Tuvar playing the short ball has become his weakness.  Not surprisingly, he has not been able to cross the powerplay even once in the 6 matches he has played in the IPL. Let us tell you that Delhi Capitals had lost in their opening five matches played in the region.  However, he will definitely get a win in the last match against Kolkata Knight Riders.  But the main reason for the continuous defeat of Delhi is being considered as his poor batting. Prithvi Shaw is one of the main batsmen of Delhi Capitals and his stay with the bat has been a big reason for Delhi Capitals to fail

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