Fixing returns to IPL, RCB bowler Md Siraj in danger, arrest begins

The item has happened once again, the return of fixing in June, you heard it right, the current season of IPL is being played.  There is a one-time return in that, due to which the career of many cricketers in IPL has been banned forever.  At the same time, the genie of fixing, due to which Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals were worn by the 22 champion teams of IPL for not one but two years. He has returned once again and this time he was on his target.  Team India’s fast bowler Mohammad Kheda has escaped getting stained again this time in the IPL season.  The anti-corruption unit of BCCI and IPL has come to the fore as the case of fixing has come to the fore once again.  And the special thing is that this time this case of picture is Team India. And is associated with the fast bowler Mohammed Siraj of the Royal Challengers Bangalore team in IPL.  According to news agency PTI, a driver had approached RCB fast bowler Mohammad Siraj for the purpose of betting in IPL.  These brothers lured Mohammad Siraj that if he will tell about the inside of the team, then today they can give him a huge amount.  But Mohammad Siraj informed about this whole matter. Gave it to the CEO of BCCI and IPL i.e. Anti-Corruption Unit.  After the information of Mohammad Siraj, the BCCI and the Anti-Corruption Unit immediately swung into action and the accused driver was arrested while conducting a rapid investigation.  In this matter, information has been given by a BCCI official.  Due to this, the person who contacted Raj is not a professional bookie, but this truck driver offered help from Mathura to Bhatar only after the big amount came in betting.Mohammed Siraj, who made his IPL debut in the year 2017, is an important player of the Royal Challengers Bangalore team.  In 70 matches played in his IPL career, Mohammad Siraj has taken 67 wickets at an average of 1.21 and an account of 8.63. The current season of IPL is going pretty great for Mohammed Siraj.  Mohammad Siraj has so far taken 8 wickets in 5 matches played in IPL.  During this where his account is talking that he has thrown 69 dot balls more than any other bowler in IPL season 6 so far.  In the option of 22 positions in the IPL, Mohammed Siraj was associated with his team by RCB by paying an amount of seven crores.  After which RCB has kept him back for the 2023 season as well. Let us tell you that this is not the first incident of players being approached for the purpose of fixing or betting in IPL.  Even before this, many players have given such information to the Anti-Corruption Unit of BCCI. However, the year 2013 is considered a black year in IPL history due to the matchmixing controversy.  Because in the same year both the champion teams of IPL, Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Superkings were closed for 2 years due to the ongoing close relations between their team management and players and bookies.

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