David Warner playing for himself? Just put your 50, even if the team loses? IPL 2023 | DC vs MI

David Warner is destroying the team.  In his 50s, he is beating DC in the Orange Cap round.  I am not saying this.  All the friends are angry on social media and are targeting David Warner that David Warner is playing for himself.  Jeetu Dilani is not as much as David Warner yet, and his strike rate is too high for himself.is bad and he is not able to play.  Many are playing fire engines and in this way it doesn’t matter who their team is.  He is not angry with David Warner, but now the players of Team India have many questions on the government. David Warner is not working at his level. Why no one raised questions on David Warner’s strike till now.  Why didn’t he pay attention to him, he is crying a lot.  Playing with very little stylish.  What to say, if we look at the record of IPL so far, Bolna has scored 200 runs in four matches.  Now it is okay, the average is 52.  But now look at the strike rate of just 114 he has hit 350 in four matches.  50 went to Amritsar in one nose.  highest scorer If you look for 6514, you will get.  350 be the MRP.  His team did not win a single match.  This is the reason why many are sharing the means by the way of meeting Joe Penn.  People Are Annoyed Too Much By David Warner’s Batting Style An Accountant Admits That Angry Birds per David Warner means that once again David Warner has given away a 40-ball fifty and he has done it twice in this IPL.  His picture which has been put up with Rahul that bhai aapko award milta ki aur bhi aise hi thi plays mein and David Warner is also playing in aisee.  Marriage To a large extent, the fellow player who is with him behind is also responsible for a lot, like Prithvi is continuously getting into the shop opening, brother money goes.  Already you are not able to play freely.  After that those who played in the match also flopped.  Today again it was spread by the Goddess.  After that those mobiles come.  no means david warner Sagar Dada will play from Delhi.  But then it is the same thing that you are so angry.

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