Big blow to RCB before IPL 2023, Star Player

Royal Challengers Bangalore is one of the most loved franchises of IPL. This team has
never won the title but its fans are crores but before IPL 2023 there is a bad news for
RCB fans and the bad news is that Royal Challenge for IPL 2023 in Bengaluru was
bought for 3 Crore 20 Lakh and now Bill Chek may be out of IPL 2023. If you tell me, he
was injured during the ODI series against Bangladesh. Jack Skor while fielding in the
2nd ODI of the series during the tour of Bangladesh He was sitting after injuring his
brother, after which he returned to England immediately. But now the news is coming
out that Bill Chek may be ruled out of this entire IPL season. That is, a player, such a
foreign player who bats strongly, on which Bengaluru was stitching. IPL may be out of

How many feet, how many are not fit. Right now there is discussion on this also. He
was also injured last year. Josh Hazlewood is gone, which means that the problem is
not diminishing. RCB never won. Virat Kohli is not the captain. last season
Made a place in four but before the season this year, such a news has come which will
definitely disturb RCB’s trance a bit. Tu Dinesh Karthik also batsman in middle order, he
did well last year. After that both did nothing and then they are out. He also did not
play much cricket, so I think you are on Virat Kohli and also on second place once

To RCB. Will have to relay. Rudal comes to see you. Special news of cricket, fastest,
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