Big announcement of ICC, not Babar Azam,
Shubman Gill is number 1. Siraj | Virat

So Babar is not auspicious. Number 1 and ICC has done it. It was announced that the
ICC has started giving a new award from the last few months, in which the ICC chooses
the Player of the Month every month and let us tell you that from January 2023
Player of the Month. India’s new run machine Shubh Mangal ji yes told you that
Shubman Gill has won the ICC’s January 2023 Best Player Award. If we talk with Shubh
Mangal in this race. Who went driving for New Zealand, so was Mohammed Siraj of
7000 India. But the way in which the performance of Shubham Gill is the secret in the
month of January.
Suman won this award by leaving behind all her competitions, so let’s talk about Shubh
Mangalam in the month of January. Played 12 international matches in which he
scored 769 runs. During this, Suman’s highest average, almost all of them, Suman also
scored four centuries and 1 half-century. Also, the cleanup of Suman, he played around
135 and scored 5 runs in 6 ODIs during this period.

Private over 213 with over 126 and hit 300 ODIs. Scored 202 runs during this. 126
Highest after Kanha Average brightness of more than 40 Approx 16064 Shubman Gill
scored a century Sathiya during this time let me tell you that Shubh Mangalkari was a
great performance.
During this he Equaled a record of Babar Azam or should we say like this. Including
Babar related to playing fewer balls. We are equal but less than other countries. That’s
why be there too. He defeated Babar Azam. Muskaan Biotral Series 3rd Match ODI
Series India has also completed 300 years of Prick match.

In 2016 against West Indies but Babar played more balls. For auspicious work, that’s
why Babar has gone ahead of Azam in this auspicious Mars. Suman Gill scored a lot of
runs in the month of January 2023 but you did not give a match to Shubh Mangal in the
month of February.
Africa to play Coming to the cricket field is with the team, but the player is not getting a
chance in the playing XI, which is the number one player of January 2023, which is also
considered by the ICC. Unfortunately, it can be said that Indian team management has
bad luck in Indian cricket.

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