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After Nagpur, now Australia started crying over Indore Test as well. Ashwin | Jadeja | Rohit

Let us tell you that Australia kneeled today as everyone knows. The venue of the third
test match which was to be held in Dharamshala has been changed and now the third
test match will be played.
In indore and as soon as the news when it came out, the post is Cricket Australia’s
website. He shared a photo from which it is clear that Australia has accepted defeat in
Indore today, so he shared the photo. Fox didn’t appear, in that he wrote
Breaking and India Test Has Been Given When You Were Ravichandran Ashwin 12.5
Vidya Bal means that he wants to say that he bowled breaking. He didn’t tell that Joga
is the third test. In your heading, where is he talking about?
It is only written that he has faced where Ashwin’s average is 12.50. Means they want
to give a message that brother deliberately shifted the band to Indore. Maximum
benefit can be extended to Ashwin. if i show you some statistics
Took 18 wickets in Test match. Ashwin has 18 wickets in two matches. Ashwin
bowled 30 overs in a match against Bangladesh and took 5 wickets, while in the Test
match played against New Zealand in the year 2016, Ashwin took 13 wickets in 41
overs bowling and he is the person who did it. 7415 means that from now itself the fear
of kangaroo is troubling the people of Australia that brother, in Indore, where Ashwin is
in Indore, why then why does Ashwin walk a lot. Ashwin is the legend here.
What if we have accepted defeat in the third test match, don’t do it like us. Ravindra
Jadeja has taken 4 wickets in 2 matches on New Year’s Day, which is becoming the
logical talk of cricket, less in logical talk because tomorrow we talk.
Not that why do you write this where you will not do well. You are coming very badly
and so forth. If your batsmen don’t apply themselves on these wickets then you are
sure to lose 4- 0. First give the special news of cricket

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